The team at Cantillons Solicitors is comprised of skilled professionals committed to ensuring their clients’ legal requirements are met with knowledge, experience, empathy and understanding.

The Firm enjoys an enviable reputation among fellow professionals. We participate in local, national and international legal organisations which set the standards for the profession.

In addition to being recognised as leaders in today’s legal profession, some of our lawyers are experienced in other disciplines such as Nursing and Pharmacy. This experience provides our lawyers with valuable credibility when they are called upon to appear in all courts.

Our areas of expertise are many, including expertise in very specialised and complex areas of the law such as Medical Negligence, Dental Negligence, Education Law, Special Needs Law, Personal Injury Law and Commercial Litigation.

While we are renowned for the big, ground breaking cases, we pride ourselves on our ability to represent all clients, no matter how big or small the client feels their claim is. We have acted for the victims of accidents who have suffered catastrophic injuries and minor injuries. We have acted for persons who have suffered spinal injuries as a consequence of injuries at work and/or road traffic accidents and farm accidents. We have acted for persons who have suffered from whiplash injuries. The damages we have achieved for such persons have ranged from multi-million euro awards to modest awards of €7,500 (for further examples of the type of work we do please see the Latest News Section).

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