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Substantial Out Of Court Settlement For Woman who lost vision

Posted in News on Thursday, May 4th, 2023

Aisling Maher and Mags O’Shea in Medical Negligence Team were pleased to achieve a significant out of court settlement for a woman who sadly lost her vision.

Our client had a long-standing diagnosis of Glaucoma; which typically is a life-long disease, and which requires regular monitoring of intraocular pressures, optic disc appearances and visual field testing to ensure that treatment is adequate to prevent further damage to vision.

Experts retained by Cantillons concluded that our client’s glaucoma was monitored in an substandard manner by the Defendant Hospital over several years and further, when concerning features were identified by said hospital, these were not acted upon. Sadly, our client’s deteriorating vision went untreated and largely undetected until it was too late and devastatingly, she was diagnosed as functionally blind at the young age of 54. Further extensive reports were procured by Cantillons to prove how this lady’s loss of vision impacted upon her ability to lead a normal life as she did before.

The proceedings were complicated and contested by the Defendant up until a few weeks before trial, when they admitted liability. As a consequence of the strength of the expert reports procured on behalf of our client, this lady was invited to mediation by the Defendant shortly before the scheduled trial date. Fortunately, and much to our client’s relief, Cantillons legal team managed to resolve her  case, out of court, at mediation and negotiated a substantial settlement to compensate her for her injuries and losses and to enable her to lead as independent a life as possible into the future.

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