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Posted in [Blog Medical Negligence ] on Thursday, January 18th, 2024

Investigating a potential Medical Negligence case can be complex and requires the legal expertise of a Solicitor with a deep understanding of both medical and legal issues. 

Choosing the right Medical Negligence Solicitor will ensure that your case is properly investigated and presented. Further, by having an experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor, you are more likely to avoid pitfalls and achieve a successful outcome for your claim. 


Medical Negligence encompasses various situations where healthcare providers (medical professional, doctors, nurses, pharmacist, private hospitals and/or the HSE) fail to meet the standard of care required, leading to harm or injury to patients. 

The following are some examples of Medical Negligence:

  • Failure or delay in correctly diagnosing a medical condition

This can arise from, for example, misinterpreting test results, overlooking symptoms, or providing an incorrect diagnosis.

  • Errors occurring during surgery that result in harm.

Such errors might include operating on the wrong body part, leaving surgical instruments inside the patient, or performing unnecessary procedures.

  • Negligence during pregnancy and/or birth.

Unfortunately, there are situations when Medical Negligence during pregnancy, or at birth, can causes injury to the mother, child or both. Examples of negligent care during the pregnancy or birth include a failure to anticipate complications, improper use of delivery instruments, missed maternal infection or inadequate foetal monitoring.

  • Medication Errors.

Such errors might include prescribing, dispensing, or administering incorrect medications or dosage, resulting in injury or loss. 

  • Accident and Emergency (A & E) Room Errors.

While Accident and Emergency can be extremely busy, patients are still entitled to the appropriate level of care while patients in the Emergency Room. Failures in the Emergency Room include delayed diagnosis and failures to prioritise critical cases.

  • Inadequate Patient Care.

Healthcare providers owe a duty to their patients to provide care at an appropriate standard. If the care provided fails below the appropriate standard, and the patient suffers an injury as a result, then that may give rise to a Medical Negligence Claim. Failures in this regard may include neglecting basic needs, failure to maintain proper hygiene, inadequate sterilisation procedures, inadequate monitoring, or insufficient follow-up care.



Why You Need a Specialised Solicitor for Medical Negligence?

Selecting a specialised Solicitor for Medical Negligence Claims is paramount due to the complexity  and intricate nature of healthcare malpractice cases. 

Specialised Solicitors possess an in-depth knowledge of medical standards, procedures, and legal complexities, ensuring a nuanced approach to your case. 

Specialised Solicitors understand the unique challenges in proving negligence, enhancing your chances of a successful claim. 



When searching for the best Medical Negligence Solicitors in Dublin, consider the following:

1. Online Research – Researching the best Medical Negligence Solicitors in Dublin starts with scrutinising online legal directories (such as the Law Society of Ireland) and websites for reputable Solicitors. 

Delve into the Solicitors websites to assess experience, case specialities, and client testimonials. 

Many websites will have legal jargon, which can be daunting, but understanding key terms is crucial. Here are some common phrases and their meanings:

    • “standard of care” means ‘expected medical practice’.
    • “breach of duty” means ‘failure to meet standards’.
    • “causation” means ‘link between negligence and harm’.
    • “damages” means ‘compensation’.
    • “statute of limitations” means ‘ the time limit to file a claim’.
    • “informed consent” refers to a patient’s agreement to a procedure after being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a procedure, before it takes place.

Search far and wide for the Solicitors that best suits you – geographic location is not as important as it used to be and, in any event, many Solicitors will have offices in other parts of the Country as well as Dublin. 


2. Experience is paramount – choose a Medical Negligence Solicitors with a proven track record in Medical Negligence cases. 

3. Investigate the Solicitors’ successful cases – they may have successfully brought a case arising out of similar situation to the one you find yourself in.  

4. Scrutinise client testimonials – client testimonials offer genuine insights into professionalism, communication, and overall satisfaction. 

5. Consider the legal fees – Solicitors in Ireland commonly offer hourly rates or fixed fees for specific services. It’s crucial to discuss payment expectations, potential additional costs, and the scope of services covered.

In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. 

You may come across ‘No win no fee’ Solicitors, particularly in Personal Injury and Medical Negligence cases. This essentially means that if you lose your case, your Solicitor will not charge a professional fee for their work. No win-no-fee arrangements allow people, who may not have the funds to pursue a claim to do so. However, the term ‘No win no fee’ can be misleading, as if you lose your case, you may be liable to pay the other side’s costs, and possibly the costs of your reports and outlay.  

6. Meet with the Solicitors – once you have done your research, you should set up an initial consultation with the Medical Negligence Solicitors of your choosing. 

Meeting your prospective Medical Negligence Solicitor for the first time marks a crucial step in your legal journey. Use this opportunity to assess the Solicitor’s experience, communication style, and approach to your case.

At the initial consultation, you should be prepared to discuss the details of your case. You should prepare thoroughly by gathering relevant documents, medical records, and have a list of questions. 



At Cantillons Solicitors, we have an excellent record in the complex area of Medical Negligence Claims.

We take great care in ensuring that our clients are always kept up to date and we are entirely transparent about our fees and services. 

The following are some of our success stories:

1. Kerry Boy Settles Case Against Cork University Hospital And Crumlin Children’s Hospital For €4 million Interim Settlement For Five Years Due To Medical Negligence In His Care

In a landmark case, Cantillons Solicitors’ Medical Negligence Team assisted Mr. John O’Brien to secure a €4 million interim settlement against Cork University Hospital and Crumlin Children’s Hospital for medical negligence during his first year of life. The proceedings claimed that negligence led to a catastrophic brain injury and blindness. The HSE denied liability until just before Mediation. The High Court approved the interim settlement, with Mr. Justice Coffey describing the facts as “very disturbing.” Mr. O’Brien’s mother expressed relief after a 15-year legal battle and hopes the case prevents similar tragedies.

Read in full

2. Substantial Interim Settlement For Six Year Old Girl Who Suffered Significant Injuries At Birth Due To Negligence

Cantillons Solicitors’ Medical Negligence Team achieved a substantial interim settlement, securing €850,000 for a six-year-old girl who suffered significant injuries at birth due to negligence at University Maternity Hospital Limerick. 

The State Claims Agency for the HSE agreed to the payment to cover a five-year period following mediation, with the settlement approved by the High Court. The case involved admissions of negligence, including a failure to monitor the foetal heart rate and inappropriate administration of Syntocinon. Despite ongoing denial of causation, the settlement will support the girl’s therapy, care, and other needs for the next five years, addressing the inadequacies of the current public system.

Read in full


If you require legal assistance for a medical negligence claim in Dublin, please contact us using the contact form below, call us on +353 (0)1 264 1802 or email us at for more information.

Our Dublin office is located at Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond Quay Upper, Dublin 7. We do, however, represent clients from all over Ireland. Should you be unable to attend our offices, we are more than happy to travel to you or conduct the meeting on Zoom.

* In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. Many Medical Negligence Solicitors portray themselves as “no win no fee Medical Negligence Solicitors Dublin”. This term can be misleading and it is essential that you discuss fees with the Personal Injury Solicitor you ultimately choose. At Cantillons Solicitors, we are entirely transparent.


Dublin Address: Cantillons Solicitors, Ormond Building, 31-36 Ormond Quay Upper Dublin 7. D07 EE37

Dublin Office Phone Number: 01 264 1802

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