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Multimillion Euro Settlement for Client who Suffered Catastrophic Injuries as a Result of Medical Negligence

Posted in News on Friday, December 21st, 2018

The medical negligence team at Cantillons settled a case for a man who had a misdiagnosis of recurrent cancer, when he had, in fact, an infection (which because of the misdiagnosis was left untreated with devastating life changing consequences).  Our client had a past medical history of cancer of the left vocal cord, which resulted in him having is larynx (voice box) removed.  Post this surgery, our client required a dilatation of his pharynx.  This is a common occurrence in such patients as they frequently develop scar tissue and require dilatations post operatively in order to keep the pharynx open.  Subsequently, our client complained of neck and shoulder pain.  He was admitted to hospital and an MRI scan was carried out which demonstrated that there was a mass in his neck.  However, the mass was negligently interpreted as being a secondary (metastatic) cancer, when in fact, it was the site of infection which was causing cord compression and the source of his pain.  No other investigations were carried out to confirm the diagnosis or to rule out any other possible diagnosis.  Our client was told that he had cancer of the spinal column (Stage 4) and that he his prognosis was 6 months without surgery and 1 year with surgery.  He opted to have the surgery.  However, whilst waiting for the surgery his condition deteriorated and he was paralysed from the neck down because of untreated neck infection.  He had emergency surgery, but unfortunately, he has been left as a paraplegic.  Tissue was sent to the laboratory and it was established that our client did not have cancer but an infection.  Our client requires full-time care and an adapted home to suit his needs.  The case settled by way of mediation and our client, thankfully, now has the funds to ensure that his needs will be provided for into the future.

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