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Fatal claim for failure to carry out CT scan

Posted in News on Friday, November 8th, 2019

Karen Bohane of the Medical Negligence Department in Cantillons Solicitors settled a case for damages for the family of a deceased Farmer who died in October 2015 at a Galway Hospital.

The family were always concerned that something went wrong with his care that led to his death, and instructed Cantillons Solicitors to investigate the matter.

The deceased had fallen from a wall on his Farm, but he was stable when he arrived at the Hospital.  A CT scan was arranged by Doctors, but refused by the Consultant Radiologist due to the possibility of poor renal function.  Whilst having an ultrasound and x-rays the deceased became profoundly unstable and was transferred to theatre for emergency surgery.  As radiology examinations had not been carried out, the surgery was blind.  In theatre, the deceased had a massive transfusion and was pronounced dead. The cause of death was reported in the post mortem as a large right haemothorax due to multiple displaced rib fractures and bleeding from the intercostal arteries.

Cantillons obtained reports from an expert Consultant in Emergency Medicine, who were of the opinion that the risk of death to the deceased from his injuries, was in the order of 5% and that on the balance of probabilities the deceased’s death was avoidable if appropriate investigations and management had been undertaken.

On the eve of the Inquest in October 2018, the Hospital issued an apology to the family and admitted liability in the legal proceedings, accepting that shortcomings in the care provided to the deceased caused his untimely death. 

The case settled out of Court for substantial damages.

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*In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage of any award or settlement.

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