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Cantillons Solicitors sponsor Surf2Heal for expansion of service to children with autism.

Posted in [Blog General Updates ] on Monday, July 15th, 2013

In July 2013, Cantillons Solicitors sponsored €3,000 to the Surf2Heal Project in order to enable expansion and development of this amazing service enabling children with autism to surf.   In her letter of thanks, Jane Coleman, Secretary of Surf2Heal stated as follows:- “As you are aware, we are a non-profit organisation and it is through donations such as yours and other fundraising methods that we are able to keep the momentum of Surf2Heal going.  We truly appreciate the donation and without meaning to rob Tesco’s say “Every little helps!” The donations are used to help us expand and develop Surf2Heal.  This year it enabled us to buy a whole new fleet of boards, thus replacing the originals that were funded by Cantillons in 2008.  It also allows for the maintenance of our trailer and funds the camps themselves.  Last year, through monies raised, we were able to go back to the original format of a week long camp in Garrettstown, as well as continuing with the evening sessions.  The week long camp was a huge success and it is being continued this year with 2 week long camps allowing us to take 80 children out on the water.  All this is only possible because of donations and fundraising efforts”.  Cantillons are delighted to be associated with Surf2Heal and wish the instructors and students all the very best for the summer!  Share on Social

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